Saturday, January 10, 2015

9/365-3 Multifaceted

"Welcome Home!"

As is evidenced by the fact that it is now Saturday and this is Friday;s post, I was short on time, as well as inspiration and creativity, yesterday.  There wasn't anything really major going on, just a lot of little things that managed to eat away at t my time - mentoring, conference calls, a few chores, playing for a service last night.  It is one of those cases where the sum of the parts seems greater than the whole.

Multifaceted was a weird word to me.  I know what it means, but I didn't really know what it looked like.  I wasn't going to take a photo of some kind of gem, which is the first thing that came to mind when I heard the word.  Then I thought about myself as a multi-faceted person, but that is more or less the photo that I took on Thursday.  Frustrated and running out of time, I turned and looked at the front door, which I had already been through many times already and decided that it would have to do for today's photo.

So here it ism for what it's worth, a (multifaceted?) section of the glass in our from door.  I have to admit that this is something that I have never thought of as the subject for a photo.

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