Friday, January 23, 2015

22/365-3 Color Blocking

"My New Jacket"

For Christmas I asked for a North Face Denali jacket.  I didn't specify a color, but anyone willing to spend the money to buy me this jacket knows me well enough to know that I would definitely want blue.  In doing his Christmas shopping, Weber discover that North Face has an option where you can design your own jacket - choose the polar fleece color, the nylon, the zippers, the stitching, and they include an embroidered personal tag.  That is what I got for Christmas.  It was really two gifts in one.  Playing with all of the color combinations on the website was a blast.  The hard part was having to make a decision...well, not really.  Blue and orange were the only contenders;  the only hard part was deciding in what combination.  Obviously I settled on one and my jacket came today!  It may not be the most exciting picture of color blocking, but I am pretty excited about the jacket!

Here is the link if anyone is interested.

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