Friday, December 5, 2014

338/365-2 Christmas Past

"Dancing Memories"

For good or for ill, I am not really a saver of stuff.  I have a very few tangible things that are precious to me and that I have saved over time; but for the most part, things are not my thing.  

I don't have a collection of Christmas ornaments that have been passed down and collected over the generations.  Growing up in a military family ornaments got lost and broken along the many moves.  When the girls were little, I tried collecting ornaments memorializing monumental events, but I fell short, probably because my heart and soul really weren't into it.  Also, I hate spending the entire Christmas holiday wondering if me or the cat is going to be the one to drop or knock off and break some treasured family heirloom.  My breakable family heirlooms.

Our tree is decorated (well, not yet) with cheap, but pretty, plastic balls bought on an after Christmas sale.  The balls sparkle and glow and add cheer to our den.  Every year, many of them make their way to the floor as the cat greatly enjoys balls that sparkle and glow.  And every time they hit the floor, I continue to breath and am not overcome by anger or guilt.  

All this is not to say that I don't have many good and vivid memories of Christmases past.  I do.  But they exist in my mind and in the stories shared when family and friends who gather during the holiday season to remember Christmases past and savor the Christmas of today.

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