Monday, November 24, 2014

328/365-2 Thanks for Enough to Share

"Tea For As Many As There Are Cups"

We are beginning the overwhelming task of figuring out what to keep and what to find new homes for  at my dad's house.  Actually, it was my grandparents house and much of what is here belonged to them rather than my parents.

My girls want these tea cups that belonged to their great grandmother.  There are enough of them to share and both girls still have plenty.  The cups have a few different patterns, all of them pretty and colorful.  As I was photographing the cups and thinking about my girls having them, having "enough to share" is not really about the cups themselves, but the fact that they represent hospitality.  My hope is that my girls will always be willing to open their hearts and homes to others, to share the literal and figurative cup of tea with as many people as their are cups.

I chose to process this without color to take some of the focus off of the beauty of the cups themselves.  Perhaps I am being a little too introspective with my photos right now.

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