Saturday, August 30, 2014

242/365-2 A Different Perspective

"Flower Mandala"

For over six years I have used the practice of drawing mandalas as a form of meditation.  This discipline helped me to keep my head and my heart in the right place during what was a pretty rough period in my life.  When I look back at my drawings from those years, I am transported right back to the time and place in which they were drawn.  When I began drawing mandalas I had no idea that doing so could be or would become such a powerful tool for me.

I still draw mandalas every now and then, but not nearly as regularly as I once did.  Photography has taken their place as my creative discipline.  In the past few weeks, however, I have discovered that there is a way for me to meld photography and mandalas.  The above image is a mandala made from a photo that I took of some flowers on our patio.  I love the image itself, but even more so, I love that it becomes a jumping off point for meditation.  What is this image saying to me?  How is the Creator speaking through it to me?  I am looking forward to continuing my experimentation with turning my photographs into mandalas.

While playing tonight, or is that praying?  Whatever I was doing, I also created this image.  To me it looks like an illuminated "E" and makes me think of my baby, E3 :-)

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