Thursday, August 14, 2014

226/365-2 Favorite Food

"Be Fruitful"

My problem is that food in general is a favorite!  As long as there are no mushrooms, olives, or shellfish I will eat it.  Coming up with a "favorite" food, therefore, was difficult for me.  After some serious thought, I finally came to the conclusion that if I had a list of favorite foods, fruit would be at the top.  Really...fruit...not chocolate.  If I look at the possibilities reasonably, i realize that fruit serves many purposes; it quenches my thirst, fills me up when I'm hungry, and, if I think about it before chocolate, it has the ability to satisfy my wicked sweet tooth.  Right now, the choices in tasty fruits are nearly unlimited.  I will miss all the choices come winter. Thankfully, the choices in tasty chocolate are also unlimited!

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