Monday, August 11, 2014

223/365-2 Trails

"Open Heart"

Today was a day of not much artistry but a great deal of learning.  The trails referred to in today's prompt are light trails.  We have all seen such images, the ones where the cars and trucks on the highway are reduced to streaks of red and white lights.  I have never photographed light trails before, I just wasn't sure where to go to try.  Most of the ideas that I had turned out to be poor choices of location.  I can say that I was successful with the technical aspects of photographing light trails.  From am artistic perspective, the location I chose was boring and there was not a lot of traffic so the photo was rather blah.

I then attempted something else new, light painting.  This was done with a flashlight and a long exposure.  Again,  I was success flu the technical elements of the process.  The photo itself is kind of "meh" as my girls would say.  It was made a little more interesting by adding a background texture and the text.

I am looking forward to trying both of these techniques again.  I may be willing to go stand on an overpass of a busy highway to capture the light trails now that I know how to do it.

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