Wednesday, July 16, 2014

194/365-2 Beautiful Light

"Airport Fountain"

I am way out of sorts as a result of our trip to San Diego.  I am still catching up on photos and have taken them out of order.  It feels strange to be behind, but that is the way of it.  We have had quite the adventure over the past two days trying to get home.  Though we are tired, it was all good.  More on that later.

This photo is for the prompt from last Sunday.  Since we have spent much of the last two days in various airports,  there was not much to photograph except frustrated, tired, and a few angry people.  We did see this cool fountain in the Phoenix airport.  The light was really fascinating, though this picture doesn't really do it justice.

I know that I am babbling here.  I think I'll go to bed, in my own bed,  and try again tomorrow.

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