Friday, June 13, 2014

162/365-2 Near the Water

"Near the Park"

It is true confession time.  I am addicted to photography.  We have to be at the airport tomorrow morning at 4am for a 5:15 flight.  I am almost finished packing.  I just had to get my picture posted and then I'll finish up.  Weber graciously took me to the park tonight because, other than the water in the kitchen sink, there was not much water to be near at home.  It was a beautiful evening to be out and I could have stayed much longer than we did.  I love that our city has so many beautiful parks to explore.

The irony of all of this is at this time tomorrow we will be on the east coast only a few steps from the beach; photographing near the water will then have endless possibilities.

Ok, picture done.  Now I need to finish packing and get an hour or two of sleep.  Or, maybe I should just stay up.  At this point that might be easier.  Hmmm...