Sunday, May 4, 2014

124/365-2 A Vision Of What I'm Reading

"Good For A Laugh!"

They say that art mimics life.  Scott Hilburn, who draws the Argyle Sweater, must have been at my house and observed my life..  I have a shelf that looks just like this!  Well, not exactly like this.  Most of my heads are attached to bodies, but they can be shared at a moment's notice.  I feel vindicated!  Obviously if the obsessive collecting of Lego mini figures has made it to the comic strips I am not alone.

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Tammy said...

Too funny, Kris!! Your creativity just amazes me. I so enjoy your photography.

And to answer your question about the blending modes, come on over to Hummie's World and join the forum and then you can take the blending mode class.