Tuesday, March 18, 2014

76/365-2 Shamrock

'Shamrock Boxers No. 2"

St. Patrick's Day barely gets a blip on our radar thus we have nothing in the way of decor adorned with shamrocks.  Last year when this prompt came up, I remember it being late in the evening and struggling to find something to photograph for the day's prompt.  I dared Weber to let me photograph him in his shamrock boxers.  To my surprise, he accepted the dare and   this was my POTD.  Throughout the year, many jokes have been made about the shamrock boxers photo.  

When the prompt came around this year, I knew that the boxers would again have to appear.  It is kind of difficult to shoot "G" rated boxer pictures, but here you go.  I am lucky that Weber is such a good sport!

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Tammy said...

This is so creative!! Love it when our family members are willing participants. :)