Sunday, June 9, 2013

160/365 Remote Control

'Still Playing!"

I credit Pac-Man with my success as an undergraduate student.  It was my stress release, my therapy, my exercise, my entertainment.  I was addicted and this addiction served me well.  Almost every night after practicing clarinet and piano for four hours, I would head to the Mr. Gatti's Pizza across the street from the music building and play a quarter's worth of Pac-Man.  That sounds reasonable, right?  Well, it really wasn't.  I could play for several hours on one quarter.  In fact , there were many evenings where I had to just walk away from the game and let someone else continue where I was.  

I still remember all the patterns for the various levels, though I don't have many opportunities to play anymore.  Yes, there are computer and iPad versions of both Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, but they just aren't the same.  Any of you who are first generation Pac-Man players know what I mean.

I'm not really sure why today summoned up this piece of nostalgia.  Maybe because tomorrow is Weber's birthday; sadly though, he was not a Pac-Man player.  Poor guy!

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