Friday, May 24, 2013

144/365 Catch Lights

"When You Wish Upon A Star . . .Your Dreams Come True"

Because we had no snow days this year, Weber had today off as it would have been the snow make-up day.  We did clean out a closet, but also took time for a little fun.  Bubbles are an endless source of entertainment around our house.

Today;s prompt focused on eyes.  Weber has the most beautiful eyes so I am always happy to photograph them.  Here is another of my favorite photos of the day.

I am always fascinated by the way some photos look when converted to black and white.  I particularly like the subtlety of he bubble in this image.

This is quite the opposite concerning the bubble - not subtle at all.  I find this structure pretty amazing.   It almost looks like a magic wand the way the perspective has it sitting atop a branch.

Simple things for simple minds . . .

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