Friday, April 12, 2013

101/365 Overgrown

Sorry I forgot to post this yesterday!

"Flower Power"

Weber and Brooke went to Sam's Wednesday night while I was at choir.  They had what I thought was a short list, but Brooke seemed to add to the list on each aisle so they came home with quite a few items that they had not originally intended.  One of those items was a bouquet of flowers for me.  I love fresh flowers on the dining room table.  They don't have to be anything fancy, just colorful.  The bouquet was so big that all of the flowers did not fit into the vase we usually use for this purpose.  The auxiliary vase had to be called into service.

This was the only thing around here today that even comes close to being overgrown - unless you count the dog who is on a diet.  The dog's diet is one thing that necessitated the trip to Sam's.  He gets a can of green beans with his dinner every night.  Sam's sells them by the case.

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