Friday, March 8, 2013

67/365 Hobby

 "Flour Power"

It is funny to me how I chose to respond to today's prompt of "hobby."  For whatever reason, I don't think of any of the things that I like to do as "hobbies."  They are just things that I do.  For that reason, I had to really think about what I was going to photograph today.

The first thing that came to mind was knitting.  Of all of the activities that I do in my spare time, this is the most likely candidate to be considered as a hobby.  The sad truth is that I have not been knitting much lately.  I have been spending my time doing other things.  Many projects are still on the needles unfinished.  Perhaps I did not want to take pictures of anything knitting related because I am feeling a little guilty about not yet having finished Weber's vest that was supposed to be a Christmas gift - in 2012, not 2013.

I love reading poetry; I could have photographed the many shelves of poetry books we have, but that didn't strike my fancy today either.

With a day at home, I was looking forward to cooking a nice dinner tonight.  We had no commitments this evening so there was time to prepare and, more importantly, enjoy a nice meal together.  I decided to make some simple sugar cookies for dessert.  I love to bake things for everyday eating - bread, pizza crust, crackers and cookies.  I'm not much on the fancy cakes and so on.  I thoroughly enjoyed baking these cookies this afternoon.  So, baking became the hobby of the day.  Maybe I am just growing into my name;-)

Last Friday, in response to the photo prompt "resting" I posted pictures of the tightly closed buds on our irises.  A week later, many of them are now wide awake.  The sea of purple flowers lining the front hedge is beautiful.  I couldn't help but include a few pictures of them here today as well.

I wish flower gardening was a hobby I could claim.  Unfortunately, the ability to maintain and nurture outside flowers eludes me.  I do OK with certain vegetables.

The irises are a sign that spring is fast approaching.

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