Friday, March 7, 2008

Snow Day

The temperatures here today reached 50 degrees and much of yesterday's snowfall is now gone. Here are some pictures taken yesterday. All were taken within steps of my front door. I am blessed to have such beauty so close.

I could not resist a few more dog pictures.

And, my favorite snow day picture . . .

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ColorJoy LynnH said...

I must admit your photos are gorgeous. If we got snow once every several years, I'd like it much better. Feet and feet of snow to shovel is tiring, though.

Right now most of our ground is grass and there are crusty piles where the shoveled snow was stacked up out of the way of vehicles. It's cold today but I think we will be ten degrees above freezing one or two days, then back below, then above again... for a while.

It always snows in Lansing in April. At least one time, at least flurries. If we are very unlucky we get a warm melting spell (humidity) followed by a quick mean cold front, which means a blizzard. It doesn't happen often but I do not breathe easily until May.

But it appears we are in the short part of winter here now. We'll be below freezing then above again, for a few more months. Much better than Jan/Feb where it just stays white, the sky/ground/trees, all colorless and cold, for weeks/months at a time.

I'm so happy you guys could just plain enjoy the beauty and fun of it. This is as it should be.